What to do after an Accident

What to Do After a Vehicle Accident?

Summertime brings the joys of outdoor adventures as Albertan’s head out on summer vacations, and there will be an influx of vehicles on the road. Even here in Barrhead, people are in a hurry and there lots of animals on the road and vehind the wheel. You don’t wanna be heading north on vacation and end up having to look for a Body Shop in Barrhead.

Before putting the pedal to the metal, drivers need to educate themselves on what to do if they are involved in a fender bender. Are you prepared to deal with an accident? Here are some simple and handy tips to help you through the process!

1. Safety First! The number one priority in any accident is to ensure the safety of both yourself and your passengers. If anyone is injured, do not attempt to move them, and call 911 immediately!

2. Keep calm. Try not to panic or make rash decisions. Never accept money or admit fault and never agree to “forget about it.”

3. Take notes. Including as much detail as possible will help you when it comes time to deal with the insurance company. If another vehicle is involved, take down the name, phone number, and drivers license number of the driver as well as their insurance company’s name, phone number, policy number and expiry date. Also, write down the year, make, model, and VIN number of their vehicle. Lastly, make note of the names and numbers of all other passengers involved and eye witnesses.

4. Take photos and/or videos of the scene. Include all damage done to vehicles. If you’re unable to take photos draw a diagram.

5. Call your insurance company. It is important to report any and all accidents to your insurance company!

6. Make an appointment for repairs! Remember it’s your choice where your vehicle is repaired.

It is always a good idea to have lots of information and evidence of an accident. If you can provide your insurance company with as much information as possible it should make for a smooth insurance claim. Being prepared in case of an accident ensures your interests are properly protected! If now is the time to begin looking for a replacement for that new or used vehicle. We’re here for you..