LS Series Performance Engines

LS3 6.2L

Direct from the Corvette, Camaro, and Chevy SS to your project vehicle!

The LS3 6.2L is the 430-hp standard engine in the Chevrolet Camaro SS and the all new RWD Chevy SS. It is a fantastic combination of high technology and uncompromising performance. Our LS3 crate engine comes complete, from the Chevy SS-specific oil pan to the ignition system. It also includes the EFI intake manifold assembly with injectors and throttle body, exhaust manifolds, water pump, balancer, 58X reluctor wheel and 14-inch automatic-transmission flexplate.

Inside, the LS3 is filled with components designed for high performance and longevity. The aluminum block is filled with a sturdy reciprocating assembly that combines with L92-type rectangular-port heads to deliver a 10.7:1 compression ratio. A high-lift, hydraulic roller camshaft delivers a whopping 0.551-inch of lift on the 2.16-inch intake valves and 0.522-inch lift on the 1.59-inch exhaust valves, enhancing the LS3’s tremendous airflow and broad torque curve.

The Chevy SS oil pan doesn’t suit all installation applications. Use a vehicle-specific oil pan for original LS-powered vehicle or Chevrolet Performance’s Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit P/N 19212593 for older vehicles.


Our ‘Hot Cam’ Adds 50 HP To The Already-Potent LS3!

Our engineers never stop tinkering. When they took a production LS3 6.2L (376 cubic inches) engine and swapped the stock camshaft for the racing-inspired LS Hot Cam (P/N 88958753), the result was a stunning 480 horsepower and 475 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s nearly 12 percent more power and torque from a simple camshaft change!

We wasted no time in adding that terrific combination – dubbed LS376/480 – to our crate engine portfolio. The key to the power boost is the Hot Cam’s 0.525-inch lift on both the intake and exhaust sides, along with 219-degree/228-degree duration specs. That’s less lift on the intake side than the stock LS3 cam, but considerably more duration, allowing the valves to stay open a little longer to draw in more air from the rectangular-port L92-style heads.

Use the LS376/480 with controller kit P/N 19258267, which includes a special pedal for use with the engine’s electronically controlled throttle.


Affordable LS3-Based High-Performance For The Street Or Track!

Using the LS3 engine as its foundation, the LS376/515 crate engine adds Chevrolet Performance's racing-derived ASA Cam and a carbureted intake system to produce 515 horsepower at a stellar 6,500 rpm and 469 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm. It’s the perfect high-performance option for a classic project car or race car.

The assembly includes a Chevy SS oil pan and LS3 cylinder heads, with high-flow, rectangular-port intake passages, as well as our unique, spider-type carburetor intake manifold. At the heart of the engine is the ASA cam, which extends the performance range of the LS3 with more duration. That means it holds the valves open longer, enabling greater airflow at higher rpm. Wind it out yourself and you’ll see what we mean!


Fuel-Injected Ferocity For Performance Cars Of All Ages

What do you get when you take Chevrolet Performance’s aggressive ASA camshaft – developed for the high-rpm world of circle-track racing – and slip it into an LS3 6.2L engine? The answer is 525 horsepower in one of our most powerful production-based crate engines. We call it the LS376/525 and if take-no-prisoner performance is what you’re looking for in your new Camaro or resto-mod Chevelle, this is it!

The ASA camshaft is a hydraulic roller with .525-inch lift on both sides, along with 226 degrees duration on the intake side and 236 degrees on the exhaust side. Coupled with a tight, 110-degree lobe separation angle, it helps the engine deliver excellent throttle response and breathe exceptionally well at high rpm. And for durability, we complement the cam with higher-rate valve springs.

You’ll need tuning to make the most of the engine in a late-model GM vehicle. If you plan to use the LS376/525 in a vintage car, you’ll need controller kit P/N 19259261, which includes the throttle pedal to match its electronically controlled throttle body. Check out our LS1 Engine Kit Installation Guide P/N 88959384 for details on installing an LS engine in a vintage vehicle.


The Affordable LSX Crate Engine Has Arrived!

GM Performance Parts takes the economical LSX Bowtie block and combines it with the LS3’s high-flow L92-style heads and mostly internal components (we swap the pistons for forged parts), to create the affordable, high-revving LSX376 crate engine. It represents the essence of LS performance—exceptional airflow capability in straightforward packaging that delivers huge performance without a power-adder. We deliver the LS376 without an intake manifold (and other accessories). So, whether you top the engine with a carburetor or production-style injection system, it’s suitable for your street rod, ’57 Chevy or ’71 Camaro —be it on the street or strip. Our horsepower and torque ratings are based on using the production style injection system. More power can be realized by swapping that for one of our carburetor intakes and a well-tuned Holley four-barrel.


A classic cubic-inch combination with the latest LS engine technology!

One of the most legendary engines in muscle car history is the Chevy 454 Big-Block. With the LSX Bowtie block, GM Performance Parts engineers were able to build a 21st century 454 with the latest technology - and it requires no more space under the hood than a production LS engine. It's perfect as the power plant for a late-model Camaro drag car or a high-tech retro-fit for a '70Chevelle pro-touring machine.

The LSX454 is filled with an all-forged, super-tough rotating assembly and features a pair of our new, deep-breathing LSX six-bolt cylinder heads. It also comes dressed with great-looking, all-new orange powder coated valve covers with engraved "LSX454" logos.

GMPP delivers the LSX454 without an intake manifold and other accessories. With a carburetor and high-flow GM Performance Parts intake manifold, the LSX454 is good for about 620 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque-or about 580 hp and 600 lb-ft with fuel injection.


Quite Simply The Most Powerful Crate Engine Ever From Chevrolet Performance!

Drag racers take note! Chevrolet Performance's LSX454R crate engine delivers 770 horsepower that will help you stay in front of the competition. More than the most powerful LS engine in our portfolio, it is the most powerful crate engine we’ve ever offered!

Our engineers designed the LSX454R for the unique, high-rpm demands of drag racing. It is a high-compression, solid-roller combination that uses our new LSX DR cylinder heads. These 11-degree, six-bolt aluminum heads feature raised ports that provide tremendous airflow. We complement them with an exclusive, high-rise open-plenum intake manifold and a Dominator-type carburetor to complete the assembly.

The LSX454R’s bottom end includes our LSX Bowtie cylinder block and an all-forged rotating assembly. And while we rate the engine at 770+ horsepower in its naturally aspirated form, we know that there is room for more.


This LS3-based Racing Engine Is A Lightweight Powerhouse!

The CT525 6.2L crate engine is based on the latest-generation “LS” engine family and delivers serious power for serious racing series, including Super Late Model and modifieds. It is rated at 525 hp and 471 lb.-ft. of torque.

This 6.2L engine is similar to the LS3 V-8 that is standard in the Camaro SS, but we’ve adapted it to Circle Track racing with a carburetor intake manifold, 6-quart racing oil pan and more. The engine is lightweight and strong, using an aluminum block with cross-bolted 6-bolt main caps and high-flow LS3 rectangular-port cylinder heads.

The CT525 6.2L comes with coil-near-plug ignition, a water pump, exhaust manifolds and an SFI-certified balancer. It also comes with a 14-inch/168-tooth automatic transmission flexplate. All that’s needed to complete the assembly is a carburetor, starter and our LSX ignition controller P/N 19171130. All the necessary parts are available at Grizzly Trail Motors.


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