Parts & Accessories

Performance Engines

Most engines have up to a 24 month 80,000km warranty. No other high performance manufacturer offers this warranty. We also can provide serpentine systems, ECMs, and wiring harnesses as well as any other GM performance upgrades for your engine.


The exhaust on vehicles out of the factory is quite moderate. We have the ability to remove the factory system and put on a different set of pipes and muffler to get that muscle car sound.


When the OEM wheel just isn’t good enough, we can supply you with 18 to 24” wheels for that lowered SUV or lifted diesel truck. Whether you are into chrome, stainless, or a sexy matte black, we can get you a wheel with the look you want for your vehicle.

Lifts & Suspension

Whether you want to lift your truck to fit a larger tire or lower it for a sleek look, you can get kits to do both. from a common 2-3" drop to a 7" lift, the possibilities are endless for how you want your vehicle to sit and ride.

Air Intakes & Filters

Just by changing your air filter to an aftermarket, you can not only get a horsepower boost, but an increase in fuel economy as well. The ability to clean these filters also extends their life considerably. Changing up the complete air intake will increase your horsepower and torque upwards of 20 HP & TQ.


Stock vehicle lighting does the trick for most people, but lets face it, it can be a lot better. With either changing the lens assembly to disperse the light differently, or changing the bulb to a HID kit to allow for brighter illumination, there are options to see both on and off the road better than ever.

Body Accessories

Set your vehicle apart from the rest. Come into Grizzly Trail Motors to shop for Body Accessories such as Flares, Bumpers, Stainless Rocker Panels, and Chrome Accents. Make your vehicle yours, its all in the details.


A different grille not only changes the appearance of the front of the vehicle, but offers protection as well. Keep insects and other debris out of the radiator and cooling systems, and preserve those vital parts of your vehicle.

Running Boards

Running Boards are a great accessory to help you get up into your truck. They can also add some body styling to your ride, as they are available by many different designs and styles. You can get 3" Nerfbars to powered retractable steps that will activate when you open the door.

Deflectors & Vent Visors

Bug Deflectors help keep rock chips off the front edge of your hood, as well as keep insects off of your windshield. Ventvisors allow you to have your window open just a crack in the weather. Both accessories can also add styling to your vehicle as they come in Smoked and Chrome finishes.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers can be a great accessory for the box of a truck, keeping your contents secure and out of the elements. They come in many different styles, from Rolling, Sliding to Tri-Folds.